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"FJ Visa and IELTS coaching institute provides VISA Service to students who dream to study abroad."

A visa is an entry clearance, which permits an entity to students to enter into a non-native country. Students require a Student Visa or Student Pass to enter into a foreign nation to stay for the study. The high visa success rate of FJ VISA helps numerous Indian students to enter varied universities across the globe every year.

Every nation has a different set of criteria for its visa services to ensure that the student will be benefitting the nation and will not be responsible for any malpractices during the period of study. It is not easy to get a Student Visa to enter into a nation and use its educational and other services. Moreover, there are plenty of documents and formalities involved in the process.

At FJ Visa we help you to acquire a VISA in the following countries:




  • UK


  • USA

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